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Summer inspirations by designer Anna-Grace Davidson


With summer just around the corner it is the ideal time to start preparing your home for the sunny season and (fingers crossed) warm weather! I recently visited iSaloni in Milan where ‘summer trends’ were in full force, there was an array of vibrant colours and interesting textures that created harmonious fresh interior spaces ready for natural light and sheer fabrics.

My top tip for the upcoming season would be to switch heavy fabrics to linens or sheer materials to create a lighter feel within the space. Heavy fabrics are commonly used to give a room that cosy feel; people can sometimes assume that in order to create this you need to use rich fabrics and textures such as velvet and heavy leathers; however this isn’t always the case – layering light and airy fabrics can make a room just as warm and inviting.  Maximise those sunrays as much as possible, start with small alterations such as changing upholstery on cushions and curtains.

To give the impression of more space, play with lighting. Natural lighting is always the best way to brighten a scheme however I know this isn’t always accessible, up lighters and statically placed lamps are a great solution and can expose the area just as well. Mirrors, reflective surfaces and finishes are a design staple for making a room appear larger and to flood the area with light.

Colours are a key element in the design scheme of any room. This year at Milan there was a mixture of bright colours on display throughout the stands; subtle pastel shades were also an ongoing trend.  The colour tones worked fabulously and were skillfully used as a base colour to add depth to the setting and build upon, which created soft and sophisticated looks ready for summer season. Using colours in such a fresh modern way created a new dynamic to the more traditional pieces. Layering different colours can sometimes be tricky but an eclectic miss-match of colours that wouldn’t normally be featured together was a clear direction for most brands.

The use of geometric patterns and natural fabrics were also a running theme throughout the stands at iSaloni this year and it was a pleasure to see how these have been used in a more daring and unique way.

As I wandered around each stand, I found inspiration. The finishes to the products had evolved from traditional high gloss surfaces to tarnished woods and stained materials. The use of these finishes fashioned an antiquated and vintage quality to the pieces creating a classic touch to these contemporary products – a twist on the traditional design.

Clean lines and symmetry are great design elements that I utilise often, by adding in more time-honored finishes you can bring both classic and modern styles together which I feel adds a wonderful touch to any home. As well as being on trend, this fusion of styles can form sensational interiors.


Colours are key element in the design scheme of any room, brighten up an interior space with and bold tones for the


When natural lighting isn’t accessible, use strategically places lamps to enhance areas of your room.


Match complementing tones and natural materials for and soft and sophisticated summer setting.!


Vibrant shades are in full force for the summer. Make use of fabrics, lighting and texture to make your interior more inviting.


Patterns and unexpected colour combinations are set to be on trend. A daring and unique twist for an interior with


Stained materials, tarnished woods and unique finishes place vintage feel on contemporary pieces.


Pair fresh, bright and vibrant colours with natural textures to create an on trend look for the summer season.


Animate the atmosphere with bold statement tones and hints of pattern as forecast in Milan for homes this summer


Build on base colours and create balance by working subtle pastel shades into your display.


Add geometric shapes and patterns into your design scheme for a modern twist in a classic setting.

Described by the media as “the leading candidate for the most glamorous woman in interior design”, Anna-Grace Davidson is a talented international interior designer. Born in Kiev, grew up in Berlin and now based in London.

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