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15 Inspirational Spaces and the Bathroom Design Ideas That Made Them

The bathroom should be a tranquil and serene space, an escape within the home so to speak. But whether you have a family to look after or a busy professional life, many individuals still don’t have the time to perfect their bathroom space like an interior design expert. From practicality to luxury, your family bathroom, en-suite or wet room can be whatever you want it to be, but where do you begin with its design? And what bathroom design ideas could make your space truly inspirational?

Take a look at the bathroom design ideas called upon by the very best interior designers from around the world, and the stunning spaces that are created by them.

1) Keep high quality at the heart of your design


Going for the best materials your budget can buy is always recommended, and whether you are redesigning a traditional bathroom or completely renovating a space to create a modern and sleek finish like the one pictured here, the materials make all the difference. Whilst the colour scheme of this Regents Park bathroom is neutral, it is made interesting and super stylish through its use of materials. The dark wood against the marble feature walls is a stunning combination that attracts the eye.

2) Install a trough


When we think of troughs many of us tend to think they belong in a farmyard, but this feature sink type is making something of a comeback and is set to remain a breakout trend over the coming seasons. The naturally narrow trough sink not only makes it a great space saving solution for bathrooms that are a little on the smaller side, but also ensures a creative yet clean finish for all spaces. The pictured trough sink demonstrates its benefits perfectly, seen here in a slim line design. Many other models even have an elevated surface within the trough itself for the storage of soap and other toiletries.

3) Make ‘found space’ your friend


We understand that bathrooms come in all spaces and sizes, and whatever square footage you have to work with, why shouldn’t you have the high quality, exquisitely designed finish you deserve. For bathrooms that are particularly limited, using found space could provide an excellent solution that allows you to keep your interior design up to scratch trend-wise and make the bathroom super practical in the process.

Found space is the space that we don’t necessary see as useable, such as the space available in between wall studs and lower wall space. According to Decor Clad thank to the availability of wall hung sanitary ware making use of wall space is easier than ever, as the pictured bathroom showcases. By lifting your bathroom furniture off the floor you can create the illusion of space, whilst the vertically aligned tiles elongate the room further to take space creation to the very next level.

4) Know how to do traditional bathrooms justice


While many of the bathroom designs we feature here are ultra-modern, traditional bathrooms can be stylish, versatile and practical too. This bathroom, found in a luxury apartment in Moscow, is a stunning example of traditional bathrooms designed the right way. As well as being practical, the space incorporates some statement pieces, such as the freestanding bathtub and designer light fixture, which complement the property’s original charm and character. The bathroom also uses a soft mushroom and stone colour scheme alongside high quality materials to ensure a luxurious, spa-worthy experience.

5) Embrace the art of cabinetry


Using wood within the bathroom isn’t always an interior designer’s first choice, but with the right implementation you can make a real feature of vanity units and other fittings. Cabinetry is an excellent way to naturally inject a style statement into your space. In addition to considering double sink units and wall-mounted cabinets, you can go for bespoke vanities that offer storage and style in one fell swoop. The theme continues in this luxury bathroom with natural wood and other materials featuring heavily throughout the space, from ceiling light shades and mirrors to sinks and window frames.

6) Invest in designer lighting


There is obviously much talk about the designer accessories that can enhance and truly finish a space, but with lighting being as essential as it is, the quest for the perfect light fitting and layout extends to more than just aesthetic appearance. This luxury loft apartment’s subtle lighting choices may not produce the brightest hue, but with just a single skylight offers a source of natural light, the two light combination encourages a soft look against the rustic brickwork and cold tiled floor, bathtub surround and feature wall.

As well as the hanging light providing a real feature within this small but perfectly formed room, an elegant wall-mounted fixture provides a practical and targeted source of light with no shadows in this otherwise dark space, highlighting the unique sink basin and stand. The subtle use of lighting here ensures a functional area that is well-lit, relaxing and lets the statement décor do all the talking, remember designer lighting doesn’t have to be an attention grabber. For bathrooms of all sizes and styles, the use of dimmers can make a real difference to your overall experience, think spa!

7) Think ‘practical’ when considering layout


The layout of your new bathroom is one design choice that simply can’t be easily undone, well, that is unless you want to foot the bill for it.

Whilst every bathroom should provide a luxurious escape to wash the day’s worries away, it also has to be practical, but as this ultra-modern bathroom shows you don’t have to compromise on style to ensure practicality. This room in particular has to cater to you and the rest of your family on a number of levels, from that quick shower before work to a relaxing bath in the evening so make sure the layout of your bathroom furniture complements your every need. This three wall layout works particularly well in both luxury and family friendly bathrooms that have to accommodate a bath, shower and even his and hers sinks!

8) And float!


The concept of floating your furniture is no new idea, in fact, we mentioned it earlier to ensure owners of small bathrooms and en-suites can harness the power of a space creating illusion, but opting for wall-hung options extends to more than just your sanitary ware.

The vanity unit is not only a beautiful addition to any bathroom space but a practical one, providing essential storage for those with smaller bathrooms or individuals with an addiction to toiletries. As well as making way for a more visually appealing bathroom and a bigger space, mounting your vanity unit rather than opting for a standing option can free up more floor space underneath for the storage of other items. For bathrooms with generous ceiling height, adding a shelf underneath a wall mounted vanity unit is also attractive and useful, particularly for the storage of towels, as the pictured example designed by Kelly Hoppen proves. You don’t need to be a world renowned interior designer to access stunning space saving solutions though, there are many floating unit designs on the market to satisfy your layout, bathroom size and colour scheme.

9) Keep it clean


The colour scheme is one bathroom feature that can change as and when you want it to, but opting for a colour scheme that is clean and diverse will save you a lot of time, money and, well, heartache. The most popular colours used in the bathroom are cream, white and black, and whether used as primary or accent colours these do still work well, whatever bathroom design trends each season brings.

Avoid going for outlandish colour schemes that are very much trend-worthy, instead keep it simple and use the best materials your budget can buy, utilising colourful accessories to add pops of colour.

10) Take a hint from Snow White


We’d all like to indulge our vainer side, and by taking a hint from one of the most famous quotes in the Disney franchise, you can actually do just that, reflect light through the darkest of spaces and visually extend the tightest bathrooms.

This Santorini based bathroom goes one step further by creating the illusion of more space with a centrally located basin and a mirror almost floating on a glass partition. Want to try this at home? Whilst the pictured bathroom design idea may not work for every individual, and their budget, extending your bathroom mirror beyond the constraints of the vanity unit and across the entirety of the wall can create a strong look and a practical option, especially when used across his and hers basins.

11) Go alternative with your vanity unit


Whilst there are a number of classically designed and high quality sinks and vanity units available to suit all budgets, opting for an alternative design is a great way to gain bathroom design brownie points and create a real talking point. The vanity unit pictured in this St Martin’s Lane luxury hotel suite provides a retro design that complements the wider space’s quirkier roots.  As well as the vanity unit itself using finished wood reminiscent of the 1970s, the sink itself with its soft edges, unique tap choice and unusual basin is a design triumph.

If retro isn’t the way you’d like to go, you can choose an alternative vanity unit to suit a range of spaces and styles. For instance, there are a series of rounded units available that not only look the part but provide a number of practical plus points. The rounded style is a particularly good choice for smaller bathrooms, en-suites and wet rooms as the sharp corners present on many standard fittings can be hazardous.

12) Consider a platform bathtub


Whilst the pictured bathroom of a boutique hotel on the Mexican Riviera takes this concept to the extreme, entering the bathtub from a platform can really add a touch of elegance to any space with the right know-how. This is one luxury bathroom design idea that does translate on a smaller, residential scale, and whether you want to leave an unfinished exterior or deck with a waterproof material – tile, limestone and marble work well – you can elevate the style of your space.

13) Create a sensational shower area


When designing a bathroom, even before layout is considered, the debate between bathtub and shower rages on, but why should you choose if you have the space available?

An open concept shower area as pictured here is an excellent option that fulfils many design wants and a whole host of practical needs. In addition to being rather beautiful to look at, the open shower with wrap around entry is far less confining than a standard stall. Team this bathroom design idea with a professionally prepared drainage system and a high wall-mounted shower head (there are many fabulously designed, high specification wall-mounted shower heads on the market to suit a range of budgets), you can keep your shower area and wider bathroom much drier with less splashbacks possible. Building a shower area may not be for everyone, however, if you do have the space, biting the bullet can be particularly beneficial, and create a truly exciting and beautifully designed space.

14) Don’t be afraid to make a statement


For many bathrooms the focal point of the space is the tub, in fact, often a bath makes the bathroom. Whilst a number of spaces opt for a standard, built in bathtub to make the most of all the space available, making a true statement with a freestanding bath is a great way to go. The claw and ball footed bathtub is particularly popular but there are many models on the market that could maximise your décor style and enforce the piece as a natural focal point.

This streamlined, trough style bathtub is an excellent option, particularly for contemporary spaces, and provides plenty of space to unwind.

15) Ensure elegance is your main priority


Your investment in the fittings and fixtures that finish your bathroom offers the final flourishes that can make or break a space, but, unbeknown to many, you don’t have to break the bank to achieve graceful lines and inherent beauty.

By focusing on just one or two statement pieces you can stick to your budget, regardless of how big or small it is, and create a finish that is truly luxurious. Whilst the pictured example takes this premise to the extreme, its use of plush furnishings and statement furniture offers a wow factor like no other, with gold, metallic, polished wood, natural stone and crystals featuring heavily throughout the design. The influence of its surroundings is certainly evident in this exclusive, Thailand based villa, with the opulence and powerful concepts called upon in the country’s iconic temples used as the basis for these bathroom design ideas.


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