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Shalini Misra’s Mayfair Property: A Smooth Blend of Perfection

London’s Mayfair district is known for its elegance and affluence. It is the home of London’s best restaurants, hotels, and traditional pubs. It is also the home of bespoke tailors and designer fashions, making it one of the best places to visit for the absolute best.

Despite the luxury, Mayfair has a unique ambience unlike other areas in the city. It is the place where heritage and modern amenities meet. The unique ambience is part of the reason why Shalini Misra Ltd decided to aim for perfection with the Mayfair Squat.

Spacious and Beautiful

Shalini Misra’s property in South Audley Street is a spacious 3-bedroom apartment in the heart of Mayfair, London. It is situated on the first floor and it lends itself to the beauty of the district. The apartment itself can be accessed via stairs or by a lift.

Reach the entrance and you will experience the exquisite details; there are small things to admire in every part of the apartment. The Art Deco patterned flooring and the high ceiling makes this area feel very spacious and welcoming.

Only the best materials were used in the design of this property. You can tell by the stone flooring and choice of furniture that this is a property filled with passion and love for good design.

Modern and Understated

Original features of the apartment are kept in the design, so you still get the elegant fireplaces and accents. However, modern features are added to the property in the utmost delicate way. There is air conditioning and underfloor heating throughout the property.

A state of the art lighting system from Lutron is added to amplify the property’s ambience further. Hours were put in to make sure the lighting is perfect for different moods and times of the day. You get layers of lighting as well as natural light from the big windows around the property.

The property is not only beautiful, but also very functional. The main space has a double reception room, along with a kitchen and dining area, a formal dining room, a utility room, and the master bedroom. There are three additional bedrooms and two extra bathrooms.

Nothing but the Best

Every room is designed divinely. The living areas have solid rich dark oak flooring that blends well with the gold and bronze accents found around these areas. The 3-metre ceiling helps keep the ambience of the entire space warm and cosy.

The kitchen is just as stunning. Modern appliances from Gaggenau and Miele are handpicked and finished with warm oak wood veneer and bronze accents. Shalini Misra’s reputation for attention to detail is once again apparent in the design of this property.

The master bedroom is no less beautiful. It is easy to appreciate the small yet significant touches in this area, from the illuminated mirrors suspended in bronze frames in the bathroom to the large windows letting an abundance of natural light into the room.

Shalini Misra’s property on South Audley Street lets you transition from the elegance of Mayfair to a whole new level of luxury. Every corner of the property is a smooth blend of perfection.

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