Luxury hotels in Shanghi

Shanghai is the most populous city in the world and continues to attract attention from everywhere. It is host to a unique glamour, due to its multicultural flair and fast rate of modernisation. Western meets Oriental, resulting in the interesting mix of intertwined cultures, which seems to be the growing overall flavour of China as a whole. Contemporary glass buildings and large skyscrapers make up the awe-inspiring skyline of Shanghai, and luxury hotels and buildings are easy to find here. If you were to stay in one of Shanghai’s luxury hotels, you would be opting for beautifully decorated rooms, excellent dining and wonderful service. Come and experience luxury China, here in Shanghai.

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Shanghai Museum of Glass, China

The originality and uniqueness of Shanghai Museum of Glass lies in the fact that it breaks with exhibition patterns of traditional museums. Based on the concept of sharing, the museum shares with you the countless possibilities of glass ranging from witnessing the creations and inventions in the glass field to the self-creations in the glass […]

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