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WantedDesign: Highlights from New York Design Week 2013


Founded in 2011 by Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, WantedDesign has become a must for design aficionados. The exposition presented an expertly curated collection of groundbreaking designers during this year’s New York Design Week.

In 2013, in addition to a strong presence of US manufacturers, designers and design institutions, WantedDesign welcomed participants from countries across the globe.

WantedDesign began as a design forum, reinforcing a creative community that would help establish New York as a desirable design destination. The goals are to foster conversations and discovery, establish relationships and new collaborations, and inspire visitors.

This year’s WantedDesign was held in conjunction with the inaugural NYCxDESIGN. We take a look at some of the designs that stood out for us.

Highlights of the 2013 Edition

The inception of Launch Pad.  The concept behind Launch Pad—to enable a selection of independent designers of all levels the opportunity to present product prototypes in hopes that they could find distribution and/or a manufacturer and ideally put their product into mainstream production. We like this Hourglass Table Lamp by Danielle Trofe Design.


Danielle Trofe Design

Hourglass Table Lamp

Part of the Solar & Sand lighting series, the Hourglass Table Lamp is powered by kinetic energy generated from the falling of sand. This off-the-grid lighting solution is up to the “task” to provide directional LED illumination for any surface. Physical engagement
is required to continue to power the light (flipping the hourglass over). This creates a user connection and a greater awareness of the value and finite source of light energy.




Materious Fallen Bench

The work in Chicagoland ranges from small to large scale, from desktop pieces to dining tables and benches.

Today in Chicagoland, the collapse of American domestic furniture manufacturing is leading to a reformulation of design practices and an opening. Chicagoland is the first, important survey of Midwestern studio practices and alternative production at the forefront of a newly engaged, relevant American design culture.



Michael Yates

Giacomo Rocker

This year Michael Yates Design completed their  first decade of producing limited edition, custom, and production goods in Austin, Texas.

To celebrate this milestone, they present the Giacomo Rocker: a well-earned retreat, requiring only the tap of a toe to congratulate you on your victory over the assaults of the day.



Design in Puerto Rico

Group’s pieces, curated by industrial designer Andrés Salas

The pieces on exhibit at Wanted Design NYC covered a wide range of categories, including furniture, home décor, handbags and hand-made skateboards. Renowned Puerto Rican designer Andrés Salas was responsible for curating the pieces.




Horse Reins Chair

Fabrica’s work unites current manufacturing technologies, age-old craft techniques and unconventional materials such as horse reins and jute sacks for upholstery; tire tube for leather; marbles as a ball bearing system and so forth. Because the objects they make need different skills and materials, a diversity of ethnic groups and craftsmanship are working together under one roof to create a new object in the hope it will capture Guatemala’s present-day’s spirit.



Alexander Purcell Rodrigues Design

Aluminium chair

This elegantly formed aluminium chair with its subtle pattern detailing and faded anodize finish; are processes that sit on the bleeding edge of design and manufacture. Since the conception of this chair, the design process, fabrication methodologies and material properties are inextricably linked.

The silhouette of Purcell Rodrigues’s chair depicts a form language deconstructed to its simplest functional beauty. This chair utilises generative modeling techniques along with algorithm-based patterns combined with new aluminium fabrication methodologies.

Images courtesy of WantedDesign and Ikonphoto + Nudesignstudio

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