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Sculpture holding over 8,000 Swarovski crystals unveiled


Known as ‘Prologue’, the new large-scale installation created by Fredrikson Stallard, was unveiled at the global design forum Design Miami/ Basel today.

The latest collaborative work between Swarovski and the acclaimed London-based designers, ‘Prologue’ is a monumental circular sculpture holding over 8,000 golden Swarovski crystal droplets within a patinated steel frame suspended from a beam.


‘Prologue’s’ luminous ring mimics the iconography of the sun and it shimmers as it constantly reflects and refracts light as it gently moves. It is a powerful representation of new beginnings and also a more abstract symbol of life and rebirth.

Fredrikson Stallard said: “Our work with Swarovski is based on a shared understanding of concept, material and form. ‘Prologue’ explores this with the pure simplicity of its circular structure, creating a giant lens which refracts light with an incredible intensity. ‘Prologue’s’ juxtaposition of heavy, raw, industrial steel with the sparkling luminosity of different shades of golden, precision cut crystal is the latest installment in the story of our collaborative vision.”


Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard formed their design partnership in 1995 and have become internationally recognised as leading exponents of British avant-garde design. They are admired for their ability to translate their vision into simple yet emotionally engaging furniture and product designs.

‘Prologue’ by Fredrikson Stallard for Swarovski is the latest collaborative work between Swarovski and the designers, and was first shown at Art Basel in Hong Kong in May 2014. It is the second time Fredrikson Stallard have shown a dramatic large-scale installation for Swarovski at Design Miami/ Basel. The ‘Iris Collection’ was presented in 2011.




Images of ‘Prologue’ by Fredrikson Stallard for Swarovski, ©James Harris

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