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Ron Arad returns to Design Museum Holon with In Reverse


Installation by trailblazing Israeli-born architect, designer and artist opens in Design Museum Holon, Isreal, three years after the opening of the iconic building which he designed himself.

The exhibition In Reverse  focuses on three decades of Ron Arad’s work in metal, his favourite material, culminating in a major new project exploring, through physical experiments and digital simulations, the way in which automobile bodies, specifically the Fiat 500, behave under compression.

The upper gallery features the Pressed Flower series – six Fiat 500s have been flattened to resemble the outcome of an accident in a cartoon or a child’s drawing that lacks a sense of depth. The crushed vehicles surround a mould that was used to shape and fit the metal panels of the 500, which is on loan from the Fiat Archive and Museum. Nearby Arad presents Roddy Giacosa, a new sculpture created by positioning hundreds of polished stainless steel rods on a metal armature in the shape of a Fiat 500. Each contoured section fits together to form the body of the car.

Behind the walls displaying the crushed Fiats is a group of Arad’s designs, primarily chairs made from steel, tracing his experimentation with the medium from his earliest works in the 1980s to more recent pieces that share similar properties to their forebears. Additionally, Arad is displaying a group of crushed objects, such as a toy police car that he found forty years ago in the street in Tel Aviv, as well as other objects that were studies and tests, including a bottle rack that he had flattened by a steamroller.

The lower gallery features Arad’s digital simulation of the crushing process, using the most recent model of the Fiat 500, as well as the Drop sculpture derived from one frame of this film that has been made by a 3D printing technique.

In Reverse is on view at the Design Museum Holon from now until October, 19, 2013,

Images courtesy of Ron Arad Associates

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