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New Year’s resolutions in the workplace for employers


Every year we make a load of New Year’s resolutions, to improve our lives, health and so forth. And as we begin our endeavours to uphold these resolutions, there is no shortage of obstacles that can hinder our best intent. As employers and employees across the country look to the year ahead full of optimism, resolutions can be made both at home and in the work place.

Providing a well-planned office design and introducing new office practices are commitments that employers can make to help their employees in achieving their own personal resolutions. Office design and fit out company, Area Sq give their top tips to Adelto readers on how employers can support their employees towards achieving a new year and a new you in 2014.


Time to get physical

As the New Year begins and the work-load starts to build, it is all too easy for employees to find themselves chained to a desk and computer. Those self-made promises to keep moving and get fitter start to become harder to keep and finding time to exercise is increasingly more difficult.

Help turn your office into a hive of activity by offering secure bike parking for commuters, or providing good showering facilities and locker rooms for employees who wish to workout at lunch. If structural changes aren’t possible –a lunch hour walking club is a great way to get people up on their feet. Not only will staff experience improved confidence and satisfaction from keeping their resolutions, they will be healthier and in turn take fewer sick days.


Eat healthily, drink healthily and be merry

Back-to-back meetings and a heavy inbox can sometimes mean that when getting a bite to eat, staff head to the nearest fast-food establishment for something quick to keep them going. Though this is often the easiest option it is not necessarily the healthiest for them.

Encouraging and accommodating for healthy eating habits will improve staff wellbeing and can even improve performance- so why not offer a fruit bowl in break-out areas, or healthy meals and snacks if there is a staff canteen on-site? For those that like to be a bit more hands on, a well-equipped staff kitchen can give them the freedom to bring in food from home and prepare something themselves.

Good hydration is also vital to maintaining good health; it is thought even just a 1% decrease in body hydration can lead to changes impacting performance. Water coolers throughout the office will keep employees hydrated and energised throughout the day.


Break out of the pack

How people function in the workplace is changing as the latest technologies find their way in to the office. Employees are expecting more from their work environments. Nurturing inspiration and encouraging creativity is becoming part of how offices are designed.

Consider providing break-out areas, social hubs and snug areas for staff to relax in during their breaks and escape from their desk. Soft and comfortable ‘Think Tank’ lounges offer the ideal environment for relaxing and can also inspire new ways of thinking and collaborating. Uplifting colour schemes, eye catching visual elements and a strong brand identity can all help attract and retain the best employees.


Charity begins at work

The holiday season is a good time to reflect on all the good things in our lives- friends, family, careers and the years successes. It is also important to spare a thought for those less fortunate and when looking to the future, consider how we could make a difference.

Charitable events do much in the way of boosting employee morale and boosting workplace enthusiasm. They are great for encouraging teamwork and cultivating a strong community spirit within the workforce. Choosing a cause or charity which resonates with company values and participating in fundraising activities and events will encourage employees to work together towards a good cause, perhaps forging new working relationships between or within departments.

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