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Contemporary sculptures by Hong Kong artist Charles Chau


A series of charcoal drawings and large scale sculptures by Hong Kong artist Charles Chau have been unveiled at luxury hotel Opposite House in Beijing, China.

Following the success of ‘Mountain Vastness’ showcased in Hong Kong and Vancouver in 2013, this exhibition features Chau’s ‘Breathing Mountain’, a sculptural piece which embodies and celebrates the evolution and formation of earth, applauding the beauty of mountains and clouds and blessing the sanctity of life. The piece is otherwise recognised by its Chinese title: ‘三三’ (“numeric” three three) – symbolising the idea of ‘infinity, as Chau’s work seeks to juxtapose the history of our earth, spanning billions of years, with the timeline of human existence.


Charles Chau said: “In this new set of works, I hope I have created a modest body of work of intensity and gravity. I have aimed to convey the solidity and space of the mountain range: the massiveness of peaks that thrust up from the earth’s crust and the welcome emergence of creeks and streams; the space between, wherein we see the horizon.”

The installation is completed by a series of charcoal drawings – ‘beyond’, ‘transcend’, and ‘reflect’ – which present a range of different perspectives on the ‘Breathing Mountain’s’ form and topography.

Viewed as a single, cohesive piece, Chau’s work represents a unique symbiotic reading of ‘Mountain Vastness’ through the use of wood panel, ABS, mixed materials, coated paint and LED lighting. Ultimately, Chau’s creation of phenomenological landscapes through graphite rendering and sculptural voids take on an unusual scale that realise a physical relationship with the viewer.



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May 15, 2014 | Design | View comments

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