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Spa review: Raffles Praslin Seychelles


Located on the idyllic island of Praslin, the Raffles spa is a haven of peace, relaxation and rejuvenation, says Assif Majid

Spread over 30 acres on the northern tip of Praslin, just 45 km from Mahe, the Raffles Praslin Seychelles’ spa is the first signature spa for the luxury hotel brand and embraces the philosophy of putting body and mind in harmony.


Treatments have been inspired by the transformation of the lotus, taking you on a journey: enriching, renewing and rejuvenating. Treatments are divided by bud (body), blossom (beauty) and bloom (full experiences) to represent the stages of the lotus. There are 13 treatment pavilions, six open-air, which are set among natural rock formations above the water; even the journey to the treatment pavilions is an intrinsic part of the Raffles spa experience. At 1,234 square metres this is the largest spa in the archipelago, and the closest spa to the Indian Ocean.


The waters surrounding Anse Takamaka have long been renowned for their exquisite pearls, which serve as a symbol and inspiration for the luxury Indian Ocean spa. The luminescence of the pearl starts as a grain of sand and, through the forces of nature, transforms to a gem of unparalleled luster.

My journey began when I arrived on Praslin island via a short 15-minute flight from Mahe island. This indulgent resort is blissfully set atop a hill with mesmerising views of the Indian Ocean and Curieuse Island.


First impressions: Wow, hair-raising and halcyon


The luxury spa is accessed by a flight of wide marble steps with water cascading down walls, featuring colossal Buddha heads on both sides. I knew I had arrived somewhere transcendent.

On arrival I was asked to complete a short health and safety questionnaire. I was also given a luxury robe, sandals and a locker for my personal belongings. Mobile phones and other electronic devices are banned – this is a private sanctuary you know.


With total surrender to the gifted hands of a Raffles spa therapist my sensory journey was about to commence. My 60-minute relaxation massage featured long, slow fluid strokes; the full-body treatment is designed to release unwanted tension and calmed my mind, body and soul. To complete the treatment, I was cocooned in a warm wrap, and my scalp, hands and feet were pampered with an Asian-style massage – total bliss.

I felt cleansed, refreshed and relaxed. The treatment had brought my body back into balance, restoring its youthful vitality.


The remainder of my journey was filled with quaffing the perfect Praslin Sling overlooking the Indian Ocean from rooftop Takamaka Terrace. Fresh seafood and grilled meats are served in Curieuse Restaurant, but for a more luxury evening a personalised in-villa fine dining experience or the chance to eat under the stars on a private yacht can be arranged.


Indian and European honeymooners, Arab royalty and affluent Russians visit this luxury hotel in the Seychelles. Read our overview of the Raffles Praslin Seychelles for more information.

Additional spa facilities at the hotel include steam room, sauna and a Spa Garden with a pavilion for Yoga and Pilates on the beach. If you’re feeling adventurous the Raffles Praslin has introduced a paddle board yoga for the ultimate work out.


Stand-up paddle boarding is now a global sport, where individuals use a paddle to propel themselves across the surface of the water while standing on a surfboard. In the Seychelles, this is a perfect way to take in the stunning Indian Ocean scenery. The luxury Seychelles hotel now offers paddle board lessons to help beginners, with an expert teaching the proper way to stand on the board, keep balance and paddle.

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