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Luxury Villa Two by Ellerman House, South Africa


Villa Two is the latest property to be unveiled by luxury hotel Ellerman House. Designed by up-and-coming architect Michael Dennett, the chic property is located above the hotel’s contemporary wine gallery in Cape Town, South Africa.

Built above the contemporary wine gallery, Villa Two is saturated with natural light and comprises two levels that flow seamlessly outdoors onto private terraces with sea views. On calm, warm days, fold-away glass doors blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.


The first level has three luxuriously appointed bedrooms with open-plan bathrooms, a study area and surround-sound private cinema. On the top level, entertainment, dining and living areas lead outdoors to an infinity pool and outdoor patio. In contrast to the old-world elegance of the original Ellerman House, Villa One and Villa Two add a glamorous, contemporary edge to the hotel’s relaxed, refined ambience. Designed with absolute privacy in mind, the villa accommodation is for exclusive use only, and comes with its own private staff and chef. It is ideal for families traveling with children or high-profile guests seeking extreme privacy.

Separate to Ellerman House yet on the same property, Villa Two offers all the benefits of being attached to one of the most exclusive small hotels in the world, and is ideal for families or groups of friends.

Villa Two is a walking distance to Clifton beaches, and 10 minutes by car from Camps Bay, V&A Waterfront and the center of Cape Town.

Adelto spoke with architect Michael Dennett and here is what he said about the gravity defying, ultra-modern architecture of Villa Two..


What challenges did you face during the project?

The biggest challenge of the design was the actual site. The site has a strange geometry which meant it was challenging allocating space and promoting flow and continuity. The site is also located behind an existing villa which meant we had to manipulate the corners and levels of the building to enhance views whilst still allowing for privacy.

The most evident idea throughout the design is the Japanese concept of katei. One of the words commonly used for home, katei, includes the character for garden (Tei) in combination with the character for house (Ka) and literally means that the house and garden are integrated as one.


How would you describe the design of Villa Two?

When we first met with the client it was extremely apparent that the new building was part of a larger estate and therefore it was imperative that it had to communicate with the existing. What sets Ellerman House apart from the rests of the properties along the Atlantic seaboard is the fantastic 100-year-old garden and terraces which are perched over the ocean. The initial idea was therefore not about creating a building, but more about creating a contemporary garden which you can live in. The design is therefore characterised by garden elements with engulf the building through water, natural stone or vegetation. These elements are inserted not for their direct connotation but their ability to measure time, movement and season.


What stands out the most for you in the property?

My favourite aspect of the design which captures this ideal is the garden terrace outside the main bedroom. The garden terrace is designed in concert with the room interior, giving full consideration to the sight lines from the room. It includes a glass bottomed pool section above which not only creates a link with the ocean but also captures and refracts light from the sky above.

Ellerman House, 180 Kloof Road, Bantry Bay, 8005, Cape Town, South Africa,

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