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Stunning renovation of Hotel Vernet, Paris, France


To celebrate its centenary year since opening, Hotel Vernet has entered into a modern chapter with a stunning renovation executed by French interior designer Francois Champsaur.

Owned by the Besse Signature family  group, Hotel Vernet has been described as a veritable secret garden that maintains the tradition of great Parisian institutions alive by paying tribute to French elegance and savoir-faire.


The 50-bedroom luxury hotel, which was spruced up in 2014, is positioned between the Golden Triangle and the Etoile in Paris.


On crossing the threshold of the Hotel Vernet you enter a bright space of chic contemporary design, constructed in the greatest tradition of French workmanship. Glass panels, highlighted by hand-painted coloured bands, play with light and create a mobile visual effect, which invites one to move forward into the lobby. A large abstract carpet, created by Jean Michel Alberola, brightens the length of lobby between a set of white columns.


The bright, sparkling atmosphere of the bar is intimate, yet as light as the bubbles in a great champagne. The nobility of the materials used reflects that of the marble bar itself, whose simple waves give it an impression of motion.


The beautiful dining room is bathed in light under the stunning glass roof designed by Gustave Eiffel.


The bedrooms at the luxury Parisian hotel are devoted entirely to comfort, their discreet luxury enhances a sensation of well-being and intimacy. All of the bathroom fittings are made of solid brass that will continue to shine over the years.

Hotel Vernet, 25 rue Vernet, 75008 Paris, France,

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