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Song Saa launches curated programme of philanthropic tours


Are you yearning for something much more enriching from your holiday? Why not opt for a curated journey within Cambodia’s undiscovered Koh Rong Archipelago. A pioneering leader in developing sustainable solutions to local problems in Cambodia, the Song Saa Foundation manages a range of environmental and community initiatives in the Koh Rong Archipelago.


From now until October, the foundation is pioneering its “journeys of change” programmes, supported by the hospitality of Cambodia’s first private island resort, Song Saa. These 4-day philanthropic tours provide guests with the opportunity to experience the work of the foundation first-hand, working alongside expert conservationists and fellow tour members to promote a sustainable future for the people and places of the Koh Rong Archipelago.


Journey travellers will experience one of the last remaining untouched environments in the tropical southwest – with pristine sand beaches, coconut palms and fringing coral reefs. With 100 per cent of profits going to support the work of the foundation, guests who take part are assured that their contributions will make a lasting difference. They are also able to experience first-hand the direct consequences of their investment. Journeys will always comprise a group of travellers, with a maximum cap of 10 participants per journey meaning experiences are always intimate and hands-on. The centre of their stay will be Song Saa Private Island where the “journeys of change” experience is complemented by the luxury and attention to detail that has made Song Saa a global leader in sustainable luxury.


At the heart of the foundation’s work are efforts to conserve the marine and land environments of the region and to improve the health and well-being of the local population. Led by a “Foundation Ambassador” who will mentor and provide expert guidance throughout yout encounters with these projects, you will have the chance to – collect vital study samples from Cambodia’s first marine reserve, help to share the importance of sustainable food growing and preparation with the local communities and much more.

The vision behind these journeys is to go beyond existing socially conscious and luxury travel experiences in Cambodia to offer something that is completely transformational for both locals and visitors. The foundation hope that those who venture on these trips will leave and carry with them a legacy, through the connections that they make and what they leave behind.

Song Saa Private Island, 108e1 Street 19, Phnom Penh, Cambodia,

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