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Luxury Apoka Safari Lodge, Uganda

Apoka is located on a picturesque kopje overlooking the Narus river valley in the South-western sector of Kidepo Valley National Park. The Park itself is located in the far North-eastern section of Uganda, bordering Sudan to the North, the Napore Mountains to the West, and the Morungole Mountains to the South.

The Kenyan border is just 5 kilometers from the Park’s Eastern boundary. At the crossroads of Kenyan, Sudanese and Ugandan ecosystems, Kidepo provides an amazing wildlife experience in a remote and pristine wilderness.

Open throughout the year, the luxury lodge has the following seasons:

Rain season,  generally starts towards the end of June  or beginning of July and continues until around mid-October, though this does vary from year to year. Temperatures are still warm, and storms generally don’t last more than an hour.
Dry season, hotter temperatures from October – May. In either season, it can sometimes be cool in the evening – it is advisable to bring appropriate clothing.

There are  more than 460 species, including 58 types of raptors on the lodge. The Reserve boasts 4 of the big five (excluding rhino). A large variety, from the rare Tantalus monkey to Eland, zebra and giraffe. It is the only park in Uganda were the cheetah can be found. Various reptiles such as crocodiles, monitor lizards, agamas, skinks, turtles and tortoises can be seen and  wild animals frequently walk around the grounds of the lodge.

Apoka is in a relaxed and extremely remote location of the park, it provides a quiet, private and fulfilling experience.

The luxury lodge consists of 10 separate cottages, each fully self contained and including both indoor shower and outdoor bathtubs, as well as a veranda for relaxing and enjoying the sweeping views over the Narus river valley and surrounding savannah.

Most guests fly to Apoka, either using the lodge’s private plane, or by chartering a private plane.  The local scheduled airline Eagle Air has regular flights to Apoka. There is an airstrip close to the lodge for transfers to and from the lodge.

For further information, visit Apoka’s Facebook page or for inspiring safari’s visit The Uganda Safari Co.

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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