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For your eyes only: The best of James Bond’s hotel itinerary

Skyfall, the much-anticipated next instalment in the ever-popular James Bond series premiered last week. Bond is a spy soaked in sophistication; from his signature drink and tailored suits to the dazzling elegance of the hotels that he stays in.

To celebrate 50 years of James Bond on the silver screen, the experts at Kiwi Collection have selected the very best hotels to have hosted the icon in his many manifestations. Ranging across the globe, the hotels have in common their exclusivity and sumptuous décor. Fans wishing to follow in the footsteps of Ian Fleming’s protagonist can stay in some of the world’s foremost hotels, and hopefully enjoy a more peaceful trip than their hero!

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Roger Moore’s Bond snuck into the Taj Lake Palace and encountered its owner, the wealthy and nefarious Octopussy and her troupe of spandex-clad protectors. James Bond, unable to resist such splendid accommodation, had to stay the night – with Octopussy, of course. Serious fans will be pleased to know that other palaces visited during the filming of Octopussy can easily be accessed from the hotel.

The Taj Lake Palace formerly belonged to a maharajah, and its magnificently ornate white marble structure is reflected in the tranquil Lake Pichola, upon which it seems to glide. The hotel offers traditional food served at the opulent Lily Pond, where courtesans once welcomed royalty, as well as a trip on a 150 year old ceremonial barge and many other indulgent adventures.  Located in stunning Rajasthan – India’s ‘land of kings’- the Taj Palace will make any guest feel like royalty.

The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hotel, where James Bond confronts Andrea Anders – Scaramanga’s mistress – is next on the list of must-see 007 destinations. In The Man with the Golden Gun, Goodnight tells an impressed Bond about the fleet of green Rolls Royce limousines owned by the hotel.

Known as ‘The Grand Dame of the East’, The Peninsula Hong Kong has only become more elegant with age. The helipad on the roof of the hotel escorts guests to and from the airport, or around the island. In addition, the hotel owns the oldest shopping arcade in Hong Kong, where visitors can stock up on luxury items before heading out to explore the rest of the island.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Sean Connery’s Bond experienced the luxuries that the Fontainebleau has to offer in Goldfinger, but Jill Masterson was less fortunate; it was here that she was painted gold by a vengeful Oddjob. The film opens with an aerial shot of the hotel, showcasing a building that has been voted among America’s favourite pieces of architecture.

Since Goldfinger’s appearance at the hotel, Fontainebleau has undergone a $1 billion refurbishment that has accentuated its 1950s allure. The hotel boasts several restaurants, bars and nightclubs – it is no wonder that Frank Sinatra and the rat pack made a beeline for this established Florida institution.

The One & Only Ocean Club

Daniel Craig made women swoon when he emerged from the sea onto one of this resort’s pristine beaches. In Casino Royale, Bond found time for a little rest and relaxation at the One & Only Ocean Club in the Bahamas.

The hotel was once a private estate, but now boasts manicured golf courses, perfect beaches and tranquil gardens that are based on the Palace of Versailles. With fresh seafood feasts and even its very own casino, you can truly sip your dry martini in style at the One & Only Ocean Club.

Hotel Pitrizza, Sardinia

James Bond’s famous chase scene in The Spy Who Loved Me culminates in Roger Moore driving his Lotus off the pier of the Hotel Pitrizza in Sardinia. Luckily, the car transforms into a submarine and Bond lives to die another day. However, a dramatic entrance is not necessary to enjoy everything this hotel has to offer.

The Hotel Pitrizza is a perfect retreat for those wishing to enjoy traditional Sardinian cuisine in a peaceful atmosphere. It is the perfect romantic getaway, but there is also a golf course and underwater treasures to discover (though perhaps not Bond’s submarine!).

The Four Seasons, Canary Wharf

For those wanting to experience a bit of Bond glamour without boarding an aeroplane, The Four Seasons at Canary Wharf is just the ticket. This glamorous hotel features in Skyfall, where the stunning swimming pool – complete with a view of the city, plays host to James Bond.

The Four Seasons in Canary Wharf is set amidst the hustle and bustle of the area’s vibrant bar and restaurant scene. However, for dinner, the choice should be an easy one, as the hotel’s Quadrato Restaurant serves delicious modern Northern Italian cuisine, and guests can opt for a nightcap on a patio overlooking the Thames.

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