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Farmhouse inspired lodge – Gangtey Goenpa Lodge, Bhutan


Gangtey Goenpa lodge has opened in the remote and spectacular Bhutanese valley of Gangtey, allowing even greater access to explore the undeveloped central and eastern part of the magical ‘Dragon Kingdom’.

The Kingdom of Bhutan, which is cut off by the Himalayas, remains one of the worlds most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world. And is home to approximately three-quarters of a million people.


The luxury lodge is a three hour drive by windy and potholed road from Punakha. Situated above the imposing 17th-century Gangtey Monastery, the lodge is inspired by the traditional Bhutanese farmhouses dotted throughout the spectacular valley.

The 12-room lodge boasts luxury interior design, a far cry from the basic farmhouses found in the region. Interior designer Mary Lou Thomson, who designed Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro, has brought the lodge to life with the use of natural materials, such as stone floors, exposed brick walls, wooden beams and furniture. Guestrooms feature Swiss style fireplaces and freestanding bathtubs next to windows looking out to the gobsmacking valley and beyond.

The luxury lodge, with its spectacular setting and sweeping views over the whole valley, is the first place to offer hot-air balloon rides for an early morning Himalayan experience. Other excursions include mountain biking and treks through pine forests. Gangtey is also home to the rare black-necked crane, which migrate through the Himalayas and much of the valley is a protected area.

Gangtey Goenpa Lodge, Gangtey Valley, Bhutan,

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