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Want the red carpet treatment? 20th Century Limited is back!


The legendary lookout/lounge car from the fabled 20th Century Limited that that once carried tycoons and the rich and famous from New York to Chicago is being rolled out once again.

So you fancy the red carpet treatment? Well, companies and corporations with groups ranging from six to 40 attendees can arrange to board the legendary and privately-owned lookout/lounge railroad car Hickory Creek of 20th Century Limited fame and meet in style as you ride the rails from a multitude of destinations on the East Coast: Boston, Connecticut, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wilmington or Washington, D.C., down to Richmond or Williamsburg, Virginia.


Upon arrival attendees will be checked into Kingsmill Resort, a AAA four-diamond resort, where meetings can continue at the Pettus House – the former August Busch III estate where President Obama rehearsed for his second debate with Mitt Romney – or at the resort. President Bush (41) and President Clinton have also resided at Kingsmill.

The ‘Century’ was an express passenger train operated by the New York Central nightly from New York to Chicago. From 1938 until 1968, passengers walked down a crimson carpet to their waiting cars. Stretching from the observation car to the engine – the football field length rug was specially designed for the train – thus, the ‘red carpet treatment’ was born.

The glamorous departure aboard New York Central’s 20th Century Limited was once equal to a sailing on the Queen Mary, Liberte or United States. This was still the only way to cross the Atlantic from New York to Europe into the 1950s and Pullman was the only way to travel overnight by train in America, says NYSD


The Hickory Creek, built in 1948 by the Pullman Company for the New York Central’s flagship train, 20th Century Limited, was christened by General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Fully restored and Amtrak-ready, the car is an art deco work of art and can be added to Amtrak’s regu

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