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Victoria 1836 restaurant by Sarah Lavoine opens in Paris


It was in the summer heat of 1836 that the last stone of the Arc de Triomphe was laid, thirty years after Napoleon I proclaimed to his men: “You will return home through arches of triumph!”
Almost two years after the Restaurant de l’Arc closed its doors, a new eatery has opened in its place on the first floor of the townhouse at 12 Rue de Presbourg.


Far from all the uproar and revelry that can be found in Paris, the restaurant, called Victoria 1836, is devoted to upholding the values of Parisian luxury and is resolutely focused on style and elegance imbued with grace and personality.

Victoria 1836’s motto is courage and ambition, both characteristics that can be found on its coat of arms. As a result, the restaurant is open for service from morning till nightfall, serving breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or just a drink at the bar.

To hell with arrogance…welcome to a world where a beautiful interior and an exceptional location come hand in hand and in no way give people the right to look down on the rest of the world! Quite the opposite in fact.

Not only can you enjoy the incredible view of Place de l’Etoile and the stunning setting, but also great service.

12 Rue de Presbourg is where you’ll find this stylish restaurant… And after a warm welcome worthy of one’s profile, you can take yourself up the stairs to the first floor, look to the heavens and gaze in wonder at the bar’s celestial curved ceiling.

You will be surrounded by cut stone, woodwork, high ceilings and coffee tables illuminated by the daylight streaming into the room or by the lights glittering from the Place de l’Etoile. Move closer, soak up the atmosphere and take in this exhilarating feeling: Victory may be smiling at you as the large dining room opens up before your very eyes with its many rows of perfectly laid out tables, there to better serve you.

Victoria 1836, 12, Rue de Presbourg – Paris 16e, France,

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