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Stylish and contemporary Varatojo House, Portugal


Lisbon-based architectural practice, Atelier Data, has designed the Varatojo House project. Completed in 2013, the stylish family home is located in Varatojo, Torres Vedras, Portugal.

This luxury home is placed on a hill, east from the city of Torres Vedras, Portugal and takes advantage of the place’s  position overlooking the city, castle and surroundings.


According to the architects: “The luxury house is shaped by a spiral gesture intending to take advantage of the plot outline.

“We opted for the construction of a limit, a kind of line that gradually takes shape and thickness to accommodate the housing programme.

“This gesture starts with the ramped access to the lot and ends on the opposite side of the house, achieving at this point two-storey high, thereby the contour of the house also reinforced this ‘gesture in spiral’.

“The adopted design strategy allowed us to create a living space on the site’s south side, protected from the strong northern winds, which forced the existence of the main construction on the north side.

“From a functional standpoint, the interior design is distributed over three floors. The groundfloor centralises most of the programme.

“The common areas include – kitchen, living room and dining room – constrained to a single and continuous open space, enhanced by the ceiling plan. On the other hand, the rooms’ wing (with a much more restricted access) contains guest and children’s rooms, separated by a playing/studying room.

“On the 1st floor is where you can find the master bedroom with a deep balcony facing north, and on the south, there is a bathroom with a big window facing a small garden as its background. There is also a library, a mezzanine space over the living space.

“On the lower floor the pool is the central space through where it is possible to connect with both north sights and south private garden, and also to enjoy the reflected landscape on the water.”

Images courtesy of Richard John Seymour

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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