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Luxury apartment in a 20th-century Moscow building


Moscow-based architectural practice Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau has created new interiors for an apartment in an historic Moscow building dating back to the turn of the twentieth century.  

The new interior design is eclectic, a synthesis of contemporary American loft living with the style of an old-Moscow house, fitted out with high-end furniture.


The client purchased the apartment in downtown Moscow after its initial renovation. However, he wanted to take the recreation to the next level by highlighting the history of the property and making its design striking and noble. The luxury apartment is within a historic building which was once owned by a neighbouring church, and he wanted to draw attention to this period, whilst also making it a fashionable and upscale living space.


The owner enjoys listening to music, has a nightclub lifestyle and his hobby is mixing music and DJ-ing so he wanted the ethos of his apartment to reflect this aspect of his life, and to have elements of a music studio about it. At the same time, since the apartment was to be his permanent residence for an indefinite period, the client wanted the inherent possibility of easily transforming the bachelor apartment to a family residence at a later date.


From the very outset, the designers decided to preserve the interior’s early 20th-century style. The apartment has an exit to the roof of the building, with a wide veranda that has a great view of old Moscow. The intention was to reflect this classic view in the interior.


The designers rearranged the floor plan into a large open-plan space incorporating the living room, dining room, kitchen and entrance hall. The only walled space is the bathroom.  The location of the bathroom helped to create two niche spaces, and separates the entrance hall and kitchen from the open-plan living and dining area.  A particularly contemporary decision in the process lay in creating a mirror wall to conceal the prominent bathroom. A conventional mirror wall would have been possible but the designers thought it would appear mismatched, so they placed an antiqued mirror on the wall which is in harmony with this building.


From the beginning, the decision was made to preserve the original brick walls. These were reconstructed where necessary and all existing bricks were cleaned before they were treated with a mat varnish and some sections painted.


Since the goal was to give the interior a traditional and calm atmosphere, the designers combined neoclassical styling with this modern envelope. The idea was to future-proof the interior against any changes in the client’s personal lifestyle over time. The decor of the music studio can be simply replaced by other fixtures and fittings.


Traditional furniture is juxtaposed with modern furniture and specially designed features are combined with the brick walls to achieve a harmonious whole. The abundance of custom made furniture, crafted by Oleg Klodt, helps to achieve this comfortable harmony.

Images courtesy of Oleg Klodt Architectural Bureau

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