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Contemporary Elysee Seating

The friendship which was established between Michel Roset and Pierre Paulin endured until the demise of the latter in June 2009; the continuing friendship with his widow Maïa Paulin led to a deepening of the collaboration culminating in the 2008 launch of no less than fourteen projects: ten product issues or reissues and four new creations.

Today the Ligne Roset collection boasts fourteen of Pierre Paulin’s works: six upholstery models, three tables, two desks, a trolley, a pedestal table and a rug. Of these, two are pieces from the Elysée Palace project (the period between 1971 and 1974): the seating from the ‘salon aux tableaux’ and the trolleys from the dining room.

The design of this contemporary furniture had to follow the semicircular shape of Napoleon III’s ancient library. In lining the internal space with an autonomous structure, Pierre Paulin created a ‘room within a room’.

The oatmeal-coloured fabric structure which covered the walls and ceiling incorporated the backrests of the nine large seat places arranged in a semicircle against the semicircular screens; meanwhile four armchairs were freely arranged around the large low table in the centre.

The Elysée collection of settees, armchair and footstool was reconstructed by Ligne Roset from plans in the archives of Pierre Paulin. If the aesthetics and the volumes of the original have been scrupulously respected, the comfort of the seats has been significantly improved
through the use of the new materials now available and the highly specialised expertise of Ligne Roset in the field of multi-density foams and their assembly. The compactness, graphic purity and visual lightness of the contemporary furniture enables them to fit perfectly into small spaces such as city apartments.

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