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Barton Restaurant by Isabel López Vilalta and Magüi González


Barcelona-based interior design studio Isabel López Vilalta and architect Magüi González have designed the Barton Restaurant project. Completed in 2014, the stylish restaurant is located in Barcelona, Spain.

Barton, located on a corner in the Eixample district, represents a new approach to the Barcelona restaurant scene. The relaxed, informal atmosphere is reminiscent of a rustic tavern and showcases a menu of tapas, a la carte and raw food.


The stylish restaurant is structured into three parallel spaces: a long bench with a number of tables, the bar, and an exposed pantry. Each space has been designed in a different style, from modern to traditional, which reinforces the thematic relationship between old and new. The warmth of reclaimed wood, marble surfaces, the visible pantry and the large bar all contribute to the tavern atmosphere.


The two walls perpendicular to the façade and the roof are more neutral. They have been upholstered with felt to provide a comfortable acoustic experience and to defuse the reverberation that comes from the street side, where the wall is a plate-glass window.


This large window and the restaurant’s height allow Barton to serve as a showcase. Large and striking lamps designed by Arik Levy are suspended from the ceiling, filling the space and yet contributing to a sense of transparency. The carpets provide the restaurant with a jolt of colour and draw the attention of passers-by in the street.


The kitchen opens on to a main room via a lattice structure that provides a sense of depth while allowing easy connection between the cooks and the service staff, making for a fluid and comfortable working atmosphere.

Images courtesy of Alejo Bagué

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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