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Ayuerveds meets 21st-century living at Ayush Wellness Spa


The ancient Indian principles of Ayurveda meet 21st-century sophistication at Ayush Wellness Spa, the original Ayurvedic destination spa in the Channel Islands.

Located near the breathtaking shores of Jersey’s stylish St. Helier, this magnificent rooftop spa promises to bring the body and soul back into balance through acclaimed Sanskrit philosophies dating back some 6,000 years. Housed within the acclaimed four-star Hotel De France, Ayush provides the ultimate lifestyle concept for if who are looking for balance amidst your fast paced lifestyle.


Bespoke from the outset, every element of the luxury spa experience is designed to effect and sustain balance, with the surrounding environment proving every bit as important as the customised oils, soothing light and Ayurvedic menu that works to nourish and heal the body without losing out on the pleasure principle.


The interior is an artful blend of elaborate reds, ochre fabrics and original carvings to offset the intimacy of the treatment area, whilst the cooling ambience of the lower-level infinity pool and extensive wet spa proves the perfect juxtaposition in holistic design. Here, equilibrium is the natural order in every sense.


Individual experiences at Ayush Wellness Spa can be arranged for half, full day, overnight or lengthier programmes to enjoy Ayurvedic disciplines and therapies without disruption. Regardless of duration however, the philosophies instilled by the team at Ayush shall remain long after departure. In addition to a decadent experience, Ayush brings more than just a spa break. It provides the tools needed to promote self-healing and an enriched state of being; no matter what life path you choose to embark on.

Ayush Wellness Spa, St. Saviours Road, St Helier JE1 7XP, Jersey, Channel Islands,

 Images courtesy of the spa

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