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A boutique opticians clinic design in Québec


Montreal-based architectural practice, La Shed Architecture, has designed the L’Aire Visuelle optométristes-opticiens project. Completed in 2013, the boutique opticians is located in Laval, Québec, Canada.

Working from high contrast and simple natural materials, the architectural practice has designed a unique optometrist and optician clinic redefining the customer’s experience. The commercial space was designed as an atelier-boutique, characterized by low display tables in the open area, avoiding any visual obstruction. Looking for frames becomes the opportunity of a friendly exchange, underneath the bright ceiling, composed of wooden slats installed randomly.


With the goal of giving their enterprise a breath of fresh air, the associates of L’Aire Visuelle sought to create a new corporate image based on their products, service and quality. The first objective was to redefine the customer experience in the clinic. Their previous office became too narrow over time as a result of company expansion; the clinic therefore required an organised, spacious and open space where emphasis was placed on the sales area and their selection of eyeglass frames.


Creating a hierarchy of movements between patients and employees was an essential part of optimizing displacements and creating a functional environment and contemporary clinic.


The project mandate consisted of planning and developing an optometry clinic and its eyeglass store at the ground level of an existing two floor commercial building. With windows on three facades, the 3,060 square foot office accessible from a common hall had an irregular shape – a portion of which had a misaligned angle in relation to the main structural frame. A space with double the height opening onto the second floor dental clinic offered an abundant amount of natural light.


The space was designed in such a way to position the sales area at the front of the building, in the section that contained the most windows and was closest to the entrance. People walking into the clinic could therefore instantly see all available products. Visible from the reception, the waiting area was placed beneath the office’s area of double height and is apart from the consultation rooms while being open to the sales area.

Images courtesy of Maxime Brouillet

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