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Contemporary Wohnhaus in Weinfelden, Switzerland


Germany, Switzerland and Austria-based architectural practice, K_M Architektur, have completed the Wohnhaus project. Completed in 2013, the contemporary property can be found on a slope overlooking in Weinfelden, a small town in Switzerland.

According to the architects: “The house faces south and offers a sublime view of the surrounding area and the far mountains of Switzerland and Austria.

“A floating design and the use of natural materials using concrete, glass and wood as structural material characterize the single family home. Besides the structural members that establish contact with the ground, the rest of the house is constructed out of wood.

“The interior design of the property is clearly divided by the floor. The overhanging parts of the upper volume shelter the entrance area. The upper floor houses the private bedrooms of the parents with a great rooftop terrace. The ground floor contains a generous dining and living space with a stove acting as a room divider as well as two more bedrooms for the children. Positioned in front of the dining and living area, a roofed terrace encircles the building and links the interior and the exterior space through room-high glazing. The overhanging parts of the upper roof shelter the balcony and give a shade to the broad expanses of glazing, protecting the house from excessive solar grain in the summertime. In the winter, the sunshine becomes a passive source of energy. The back of the house appears to be more closed.

“The entire façade of the building is clad with natural white pine wood taken from the local region. Thanks to this wooden façade, which has already weathered to a light grey colour, the building fits in harmoniously with the surrounding area. The house was designed according to strict considerations of sustainability, involving the ecological quality of the materials and choices such as a solar hot-water-system, geo–thermal heating and a stove in the living area.”

The contemporary property is equally as stunning is the Wohnhaus Am Walensee property, which was completed in 2007 by the firm.

Images courtesy of Sabrina Scheja

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