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Villa Snow White by Helin & Co Architects

Helin & Co Architects have designed the beautiful Villa Snow White in Espoo, Finland, a natural comfortable and contemporary home which exudes luxury from every facet.

The exterior of the house is stunning; an elegant choice of wood combined with the excellent, sleek white of the walls. A striking, contemporary bridge structure further utilises the saturation of wood in a mainly wildlife-surrounded area, and ensures the residence stands out as modern and luxurious. A gorgeous garden with a stony pathway guarantees that the house, although it is a taste of luxury, maintains more traditional, homely features; an exceptional combination.

The interior is spectacular. A partially shaded balcony-like space on the first floor is a beautiful aspect, blurring the lines between privacy and sociability, while offering stunning views of Scandinavian scenery. Inside the house is an elegantly lit, spacious and comfortable experience, with an extravagant use of pure white colours for the furnishings.

This residence is a brilliant taste of luxury. Intertwining traditional and contemporary features; elegant materials; striking colours and comfort with efficiency, Helin & Co Architects have designed a fascinating, effective home.

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

October 21, 2011 | Property | View comments

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