Unique ‘On the Corner’ building by EASTERN design office

EASTERN Design Office has completed a thin triangular building in Shiga, Japan. Coined as the ‘On the Corner’ building, it is a striking, unique and modern design, coupled with comfort and spacious luxury.

The site is a manufacturing area in Youkaichi City in Shiga Prefecture, allowing the building to stand out amongst the under-stated surroundings. The carefully constructed concrete structure is integral to the home, which is ideal for renting in the mainly residential and industrial area; an area which is well-admired amongst the South American population that make up a large portion of it. This ‘cutting-edge’ and ‘sharp’ architectural masterpiece is a brilliantly contemporary yet still efficient and comfortable living space.

The interior, although it may seem to have to be sacrificed to accommodate this striking design, does not. There are two spacious, comfortable and luxurious bedrooms, a pre-fabricated bathroom and a beautifully designed kitchen area. All these combine to make a unique yet relaxing home for any client.

This beautifully executed and well-designed home has a clear selling point; the modern and unique yet lavish living it offers.


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