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Two major entertainment buildings open in Wuhan, China


London-based architectural practice Stufish Entertainment Architects and development company Dalian Wanda Group, which is owned by Wang Jianlin (China’s fourth richest man) have designed two new major entertainment buildings in Wuhan, China.

Stufish was founded by the late Mark Fisher, the mastermind architect behind some of the most seminal entertainment stages in history, including: sets for Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Madonna, Lady Gaga, among many others.


Fisher began creating the Han Show Theatre and the Wanda Movie Park in 2010, in conjunction with Wanda Group. They were to be his first permanent buildings, as previous architecture has all been temporary. However, Fisher passed away in 2013 – a year and a half before the projects’ completion. As such, the firm were left to Stufish studio to carry out to fruition.


Han Show Theatre

Purpose-built for Franco Dragone’s ‘Han Show’; Dragone is the artistic director behind the creation of Cirque de Soleil. The stunning façade is covered in 18,000 red aluminium LED discs to resemble the ancient, symbolic bi discs from the Han Dynasty.


The theatre boasts a transformable auditorium with 2000 seats, and a 1000 swing seats open to the left and right of the space and 1000 seats move slide down from the top to main level. It also boasts the world’s largest moveable LED screens mounted on three robot arms fixed to backstage columns.


Wanda Movie Park

This luxury new park has had a budget of $690 million, and is the world’s first entirely indoor theme park with stacked dynamic attractions over multiple storeys.


The building’s façade is lit in its entirety; linear LED channels that are fastened behind the golden aluminium panels in every 100mm gap of the 700m tall façade. And boasts six multi-sensory rides, featuring: 3D visuals, seat movement, wind, water, smell, live performance.


The building has been nicknamed ‘The Golden Bells’, based on the 2,000 year old local symbol of the bronze musical bells called Bianzhong of the Marquis Yi of Zeng – or Zenghouyi Bells.

The Hans Theatre and Wanda Movie Park officially open on December 20, 2014. For further information visit, and

Images courtesy of ©Stufish 2014

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