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Thomas Eco-House by Designs Northwest Architects

Designs Northwest Architects have completed this beautiful piece in Stanwood, Washington. Combining a striking modern edge with traditional modes, the architects have created a stunning home.

Located on an 11 acre site, the Thomas Eco-House encapsulates the beauty of a natural landscape. Standing at 4 stories tall, the architects have captured the perfect use of such a large site, with the end result being this picturesque house. Surrounded by gorgeous wildlife, the home literally shines in either the natural light of the sun or the moonlit night, creating a scene to die for. The house is also accompanied with stunning views of the Washington scenery, and can be seen from any point of this huge home. Although the home stretches over such a large site, the footprint is relatively small, and the architects have ensured to keep a touch of efficiency. The site is landscaped with native vegetation which is irrigated in the dry summer months with rainwater runoff from the roof that is stored in a cistern.

The interior of this home is as equally beautiful as its natural surroundings and commanding exterior. Comfortable, lavish and modern furnishings are combined with a saturation of tall windows to enhance the natural light bouncing through the home; making for a luxurious living experience. The sleek, smooth flooring is a perfect, refined touch, whilst this quaint, refined home is countered by the addition of a modern, quirky façade: a fire pole.

Clearly, combining the refined touch of luxurious living with beautiful panoramic views; stunningly gorgeous natural surroundings; a touch of clever efficiency and a divide between sophisticated traditional mode and polished contemporary aspects is a winning formula, encapsulated with glorious results by Designs Northwest.

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January 5, 2012 | Property | View comments

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