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The Uber Trendy Jigsaw Residence, Maryland, USA

David Jameson Architect’s, a Virgina-based design house were behind the Jigsaw Residence project, completed in 2010, this modern luxury house is situated in the affluent town of Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

Built for a private client this stunning luxury home oozes contemporary chic, with its outdoor swimming pool and tranquil terrace for that all-important alfresco dining. The floor-to-ceiling windows really make best use of the natural light and the wonderful landscape.

Recycling a single story suburban house located on a busy corner site, Jigsaw introverts itself in a continuous spatial flow around an open-air courtyard carved from the home’s remains. A matrix of spaces is linked by movement through them as storey’s merge and spaces relate to each other as they rise and fall in a series of interlocked puzzle-like volumes. Particularity rather than repetition is employed giving a unique three-dimensional framework to each space where plan and section respond to program simultaneously.

Fundamental to the conception of the house is the notion of reflectivity, rendering unclear the boundaries between inside and outside. Light and space are modulated by meshing ribbons of wall and glass that form a tessellation of solid and void.

The conditioning of these internal and external walls is identical. Planes of stucco exterior walls transform into plaster interior walls while passing through glass. Clerestory glazing and window constructs are carefully sited to afford privacy to the occupants while framing and extending views through the site. Images courtesy of Paul Warchol Photography.



Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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