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The Music School project concept, Spain

Barcelona-based interior designers and architects Dom Arquitectura have completed the Music School preject concept. Completed in 2012, the contemporary building design can be found in Spain.

According to the architects: “The project was to renovate a music school, in the Can Fabra Cultural Centre on the third floor. Originally the building was a textile factory.

“The project posed a significant challenge: to renovate a music school on top of a library. We knew this would be a significant challenge.We had a very defined brief, as we had to  adhere to the Higher Education School requirements about classrooms sizes and so forth. Therefore we proposed a distribution based on maximum use of available space.

“All the classrooms are separate 1.8m from the building exterior walls, allowing a perimeter access, and creating a comfortable circulation around them all. This was done to avoid the contact and vibration transmission to the building.

“Each classroom is formed as an independent volume, separate from the facade, the roof, the floor and the rest of the classrooms – each room was made sound proof.

“When we started to work on the proposal, we didn’t want to ignore the music spirit. After carrying out an extensive research of the school, their needs, their learning, the instruments, the philosophy, we tried to capture a proposal with all these conditions included.

“Notes, rhythms, silent spaces, chords, patterns and pentagrams all inspired us when doing taking on this project.

“The rooms are austere, in the interior, with white and grey colours, to facilitate the musician concentration.

“The exterior of the classroom walls was raised with Formica colored panels. These panels were placed with a continuous rhythm. An attractive space is appropriate for the young students who use the centre.

“In the common areas we placed used a slats ceiling, like a continuous pentagram or piano cords, to cover the open roof building and all the centre installations.”

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