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The monochrome Grand Bell property, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Buenos Aires-based architectural practice Andres Remy Arquitectos have designed the Grand Bell House project. The contemporary family home can be found in the megacity of Buenos Aires, Argentina.The family house is located 50km from Buenos Aires in a gated community at City Bell, on a plot 30m wide and 45m long. It was designed for a young couple and their children.

This contemporary property presents simple shapes and colours, where the most significant operation is the contrast between the white colour of the house and the black colour of the windows – Adelto loves the monochrome contemporary look.

According to the architects: “From the intersection of two bars, it was decided to work in two levels, leaving the private part in the long direction of the lot. The bedrooms, situated at the front, have an excellent orientation, while the master suite stays private and benefits from fabulous views.

“An outdoor green space greets the owners as they enter their contemporary Argentinian  house, becoming a link between the living room and the rest of the house. The sun rays penetrate this green space, reminding us the protagonist is outside.

Interior design wise the fully glazed playroom was designed mid-level of the living room, becoming the fireplace a connection between them. It is a flying volume with three openings on the floor that allows you to see the large pool that runs underneath.

“The pool, located along the lot, has the best orientation and passes under the playroom volume, becoming the protagonist of the house with its 19m long. It allows you to see it from any place in the house, especially from the living room where the fireplace acts as a window.”

Images courtesy of Alejandro Peral

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