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The minimalist 47% House in the Kamakura hills, Japan


Tokyo-based architectural practice Kochi Architect’s Studio have completed the 47% House project. Completed in 2010, the minimalist property was given the 47% name because the interior floor space accounts for 47 per cent of the property’s living area. The property can be found in Kamakura, Japan.

The two-storey property is a dream for any fans of minimalism. The shell of property is black and the interior design is all in white. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to flood the main room. The windows also allow the owners to make the best use of the fabulous views of the Kamakura hills. Kamakura is famous for its many Zen Buddhist temples.

According to the architects: “We created a large box which contains various spaces, such as a small garden, entrance hall, living space, terrace, and so forth.

“The interior floor space accounts for 47 per cent when compared with the whole floor area of the box. This means that the exterior space is larger than interior space.

“We expected that the client would find the new way of life in an exterior space much more rewarding than the interior space. And that it would add variety in living in the the contemporary Japanese house.”

Images courtesy of Daici Ano

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February 7, 2013 | Property | View comments

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