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The Lily Street House by ODR Architects and Life Space Journey

The Lily Street House project has been completed as part of collaboration between ODR Architects and Life Space Journey. This contemporary residence stretches over nearly 1,400 square feet, and is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, meaning that the vibrant Australian scenery plays a large part in this houses beauty.

The exterior of the house is based largely around a juxtaposition of simplistic, traditional aspects and modern characteristics, creating a quirky, modern architectural piece. The traditional feature emanates from the modest wooden fencing encasing the residence, providing a humble, homely feel. This clashes perfectly with the brash uniqueness of the large ‘32’ painted onto the wall, which gives the home a contemporary, distinctive edge. The original, eccentric design of the house offers another modern take on architecture, with the bold black colours grabbing the attention, as well as the sharp, box shapes.

The interior of the home is wondrous. The bold, dark colours from the houses exterior are combined beautifully with the sleek, bright colours of the interior, propagating a homely, welcoming feel. The furnishings are also exceedingly comfortable, promoting a relaxing, calm atmosphere. The use of wildlife within the home is a modern, striking technique, and placing it in the centre of the interior is clever as it draws the attention instantly, providing a unique yet natural touch.

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November 28, 2011 | Property | View comments

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