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Contemporary Casa del Cabo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Casa del Cabo was designed by Buenos Aires-based architects Andres Remy Arquitectos.

This contemporary residence is situated in a gated community in Benavidez, a suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The luxury home is on a plot with north orientation and surrounded by a lake on both sides, giving amazing views. 

The contemporary home was designed for a retired couple who wanted to downgrade from their large family home due to their children moving out. The couple wanted something compact, cosy and functional.

The Casa Del Cabo opens towards the back, matching the northern sun and giving the best views. On the east side, the house meets the lake through a semi covered space that functions as a garage and outdoor living area. This space allows the integration between the front garden with the back garden. The pool is strategically located on the edge of the plot, making best use of the sun, whilst offering the best views thanks to the stairs which form like a bench that overlook the landscape.

Inside this compact home there is a central double high green space, that helps with air circulation moving more freely.  The outdoor ground floor rises with the terrain, which has different levels. This creates an uninterrupted view to the lake from inside the home. The kitchen is located on the side of the home giving excellent views of the lake beyond street level. Images courtesy of Alejandro Peral

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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