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Summer living – Casa BB, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Casa BB is a 2011 project by Buenos Aires-based architectural practice Luciano Kruk. The three-bedroom holiday home can be found in Mar Azul, partido de Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The brief was to build a three-bedroom house that did not exceed 120m2, designed to be used mainly as a holiday home but that would also be used throughout the year. In particular, the client requested that they wanted a generously sized en suite bedroom that was independent from the rest of the property.

According to the architects: “The other two bedrooms share a bath and have a minimal surface, so as to give the social area as much space as possible. The kitchen (a very important space for the client) was fully integrated into this area and was specifically highlighted for the need of a generous outdoor extension. It also required a deposit for storing various items for beach sports.

“Regarding the formal requirements, while requested a concrete house, i.e. aesthetic and constructive proposal similar to the other houses built by the studio in Mar Azul, this commission gave permission to try any search that characterise the experience.”

The contemporary property was constructed with three basic materials: exposed concrete, glass and pine wood tables and beams. The exterior walls made ​​from this material have been protected with burnt oil. This seemed the most appropriate finish to facilitate maintenance of the pinewood and to harmonise with the colours of the forest. Adelto loves the interior design finish.

The slabs of the different partitions and volumes were supported using concrete beams and have been finished with a minimum slope in order to produce a faster runoff for rainwater. H21 concrete was used with the addition of a fluidity so that the mixture, would harden with the use of a little water – so there was no need for sealing. The few interior walls of hollow bricks have been finished in concrete screed; floor cloths were also from concrete screed divided with aluminum plates. The openings are of dark bronze anodized aluminum. The heating system, since there is no natural gas in the area, was solved with a system that combines a fireplace, bottled gas stoves and electric stoves.

Images courtesy of Luciano Kruk

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