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Stylish redesign showcased at Biasa+ by PT Green Design


Bali-based interior designers and architects, PT Green Design, has designed the Biasa+ project. Completed in late 2013, the boutique store was redesigned and is located in Jalan Seminyak Raya 34, the main shopping district in Bali, Indonesia. 

Originally built 11 years ago the redesign of the contemporary boutique store took the designers four months to complete the project.


According to the designers: “The idea of the new design for the interior was to try and combine the aspect of the past with the contemporary philosophy of recycling. We made use of all the materials that were in storage and mixed it up with the new design.

“Many displays were made with real design but with concept of displaying clothes. Stairs for hanging cube displays and welding pieces of steel became display sections for glasses or jewellery.


On the first floor is where the Biasa+ gallery of art is located. Susanna Perini, founder of the boutique has a passion for both art and fashion – the fashion boutique also features homeware and lifestyle products.

“The garden in the back of the building is used for outdoor exhibitions and also for displaying artwork. The porch connected with the garden is also used for displays, but can be used as an additional space for outdoor living. ”


What was the biggest challenge during the store interior design project?

We tried  to recycle all the material that the owner’s company already had in their storage and transform them into some furniture for displays while at the same time finding the design balance for the existing functionality (gallery) and the new functionality (shop).


How would you describe the design of Biasa+?

The idea of the new interior design was to try to combine the aspect of the past with the contemporary philosophy of recycling.


What stands out the most for you in the boutique?

The existing building already has some points of interest, such as the main stairs, the skylights and the porch along with small garden in the back of the building. With the new design, all these become more interesting than before. For example, under the skylights now we have some green falling, the customer can sit in the porch with the new additional sofas while enjoying the garden and some displays in the porch. The interior become more interactive with all the displays and some new additional lighting.

Images courtesy of Emanuelle Brai

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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