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Sophisticated and minimal design at C-1 House, Tokyo


Tokyo based architectural practice Curiosity Architects have designed the C1 House project. The contemporary property was designed as a single unit and can be found in Tokyo, Japan.

According to the architects: “The concept of the C-1 project started from the design process. It was designed as a product, unique independent, a seamless space where architecture interior furniture and products become a unique emotional experience. The contemporary designed property is like a movie with a scenario and story boards, the basic design includes all the aspects of the project, from the shape of the building right down to the light switch position.

“The basic architectural design, a glass box surrounded by a walkway-gallery that connects the floor, was designed before the land was found. The interior design is defined from a user point of view, with movement and discovery as the main theme. The design is not defined by the wall and floor but by the movement of the user within the space, defined by a series of scenes. How the user will appear and disappear from floor to floor. To realise the seamless movement.

“Also, the challenge of the contemporary property was to define a different topology for the different aspects of life. An alternative to the existing our perception of space and object is the result of information we memorised as we try to recognise things to understand. The aim of the design of C-1 was to define a different perception, the existence itself of each element and object is questioned.

“A private house is not a canvas for life, it should define life itself, each action and movement is defined and controlled by the design of the space and it creates the balance of life, the speed and rhythm of the human body.”

Images courtesy of Curiosity Architects

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February 21, 2013 | Property | View comments

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