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Simple, functional and generous interior design at Balmain House, Sydney


Balmain House is a 2012 project designed by New South Wales-based architectural practice Fox Johnston. The stunning family home can be found in Australia’s capital city of in Sydney.

According to the architects: “This property was designed to provide simple, functional, generous, private and light-filled living spaces for a young family within the constraints of a small inner city block sandwiched between 14 adjacent properties.

“Our central idea was to wrap the original workers’ cottage with a continuous series of indoor and outdoor spaces.

“Spatially, we have used the small block to maximise advantage, setting up a dialogue between the garden space and the interior living areas to create the illusion of a bigger site.

“Each downstairs living room – interior and exterior- ‘borrows’ space from the other, maximising volume, light and air.

“Floating above the ground plane is a sculpted, faceted timber volume containing the main bedroom, ensuite, library/gallery and study.

“The upstairs spaces have been carefully shaped and designed to preserve neighbouring views and sunshine, to open the house to sunlight and ventilation, and to provide views to garden vistas and the surrounding harbour and Anzac Bridge views.

“The material palette for the interior design was simple, natural and textural, and sustainability and reducing energy usage were also key considerations.

“A natural ventilation system and hydronic heating was provided in the new house, and the project utilises recycled and sustainable building products.”

Images courtesy of Brett Boardman

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

April 25, 2013 | Property | View comments

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