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Quirky garage of the bears’ home by Openbox Architects


Bangkok-based architectural practice, Openbox Architects, has designed the Garage Of The Bears project. Completed in 2013, this quirky garage space was designed to house the owner’s unique collections. The home is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

According to the architects: “One of our regular clients, a young entrepreneur called us about an interior design project on a small piece of land that they have just acquired near their existing home in Bangkok. From what we assumed to be only a small favour project, has grown to become something fun and exciting.


“After studying the requirements, Openbox has set a very simple solution to fully occupy 70 per cent of the land, with a ‘monolithic form’ to house a collection of cars, other collectibles, and a small living room with wine cellar. The form is created by simply responding to different surrounding from each direction, and at the same time, creating a surprising and impressive internal space.

“The entrance of the garage is connected to, and visible from common area of family compound. Part of the brief was to create a humble expression towards the family; therefore the entrance was framed, kept to minimal scale and lightly decorated by an earthy tone and texture of asphalt shingle cladding. Small landscape space was designed to be an effective foreground by using only a few elements: minimalist green lawn, with a touch of sculptural, vertical lines of pine trees.

“Passing through the entrance, ceiling gradually heightens towards the back. A great interior intervention from Onion, has turned left side wall towards the back wall into a playful and dynamic feature, showcasing an impressive collection of Be@rbrick collectibles. Towards the right, the space is mainly for cars and paintings. Lighting on this side is mainly spotlights on hanging tracks to provide the most flexibility for artifacts arrangement. A wine room to sit back and appreciate the collections is planned at the end of the space.

“This structure and all its various components and contents have come together seamlessly. Much more than a garage, the structure represents all the playful part of the owners’ life.”

Images courtesy of Wison Tungthanya

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