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Chocolate Heaven At Que Bo! Mexico

Mexico City-based design studio Metro Architects have designed the Que Bo Downtown project. Completed in 2012, the contemporary chocolate retail outlet can be found in Downtown Habita Shopping Centre, Mexico City, Mexico.

According to the architects: “Que Bo! Is an evoluitve chocolate boutique created and directed by the famous Chef José Ramón Castillo.

“When the opportunity arose to create a store inside the Downtown of Habita Commercial Center, previously an antique house, architects, Ricardo Villagómez and Carlo González decided to rethink and create a concept which was suitable for the place and its necessities. Originally, the place was divided by a brick wall which did not belong to the original construction, which was demolished into one single space. The peculiar result of that was a clear division between the the finish and the materials between one place and the other.  The fist one had flattened walls and the wood floors remained in perfect state. The second one had masonry walls, apparent brick and the wood floors were severely damaged. The unifying element between these duality was the ceiling, that was crowded with wood beams, that belonged to the original construction.

“We enjoy working with commercial interiors, because we can help the client develop a solid and integral concept, which is congruent with the mission and vision of the brand.

“The concept of Que Bo! Downtown is the overlap between present and past, at the same time Que Bo! Chocolates retake ancient rituals and ingredients and merge them with new flavours and techniques, Metro counterposes in its design of the place the local design with a more modern look.

“Another important challenge was to provide the contemporary Mexican shop an area for serving coffee that could also be transformed into a meeting center, because the chef frequently holds private chocolate tastings. The use of clear woods with a natural look give the space a warmth sensation, at the same time that the lines of design express continuity and constant movement.

“We wanted the lighting to be something special, that is why we decided to make use of lightning that emerges from the wood beams and gives the place character and also adds altitude to the place.”

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