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Nike redesigns its UK headquarters


London-based creative agency, Rosie Lee, have designed Nike’s UK headquarters. Completed in 2013, the contemporary office design brings to life Nike’s rich brand and product heritage. The office can be found in central London, England.

The new look, spanning all three floors of the office, makes use of distinctive, themed zones that bring to life Nike’s rich heritage.

The zones, including Mercurial, Air Jordan and Air Max 180, sport their own representative colour schemes, imagery and inspirational copy, whilst the reception area features the iconic landmarks and symbols of London.

To execute the design Rosie Lee brought in and art directed a team of London’s leading illustrators, artists and interior decorators. For the finishing touches they used campaign props from the Nike archive and introduced reclaimed wood for a softer feel in social areas.


The Brief

Nike wanted to utilise its rich brand and product heritage to bring to life the company’s London headquarters. The purpose was to create a workspace that reflected the vibrant, positive and inspirational culture that has made the brand such a success.


How much has the space been transformed?

The original building structure and layout of rooms are largely the same as they were but nearly all of the wall spaces and several ceilings have been transformed through colour, illustrations and other features.  The agency have also created a distinct new social space and curated furniture and seating for this and the Designed To Move area.


The approach

Rosie Lee have made extensive use of their in-depth knowledge and understanding of Nike’s heritage and culture.

To create variety and a sense of vibrancy they have divided the three floors of the office into distinct zones, each with its own colour, illustrations and graphics referencing classic Nike products, campaigns and brand history.

These zones, as well as other features such as wall-mounted maps to create running routes with, have been designed to create a sense of ownership, pride and inspiration amongst staff. Inspirational messages and quotes are also used throughout.

Images courtesy of Rosie Lee

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