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A modern property, House Ber, South Africa

Johannesburg-based design practice Nico van der Meulen Architects have completed the House Ber project. Built in 2012, the contemporary property can be found in South Africa.

When granite, steel, light and water come together the result is House Ber, the latest masterpiece of Nico van der Meulen Architects and M Square Lifestyle Design.

According to the architects: “The luxury South African home, situated in Midrand, immediately surprises the visitor with an original facade that presents steel bars without a definite pattern.

“The house has a simple rectangular shape where the living room represents the centre of the space.

“The artificial separation between interior and exterior has been reduced to the minimum by surrounding water and using frameless windows. Gliding down the granite slabs and steel inserts, one can only admire the luxury South African property: the black inlays done in steel are seen throughout the residence and embody the main characteristic of the house.

“In each room, M Square Lifestyle Design created the feeling of transparency and a natural touch, which can be relished thanks to the marble floors, Caesarstone and illuminated ceilings.

“The admirable ability of the designers has been demonstrated since all materials were kept true to their forms, creating a contrasting effect amongst different texture which instead of annoying the eye, calls for more!

“In line with the random steel bars, the interior designers drew a sketch where one line linked everything, so as to create the feeling of connection that so much inspired the creation of this contemporary South African home.

“Complementary ally of this exceptional crew of architects and interior designers, M Square Lifestyle Necessities provided the final touch! European furniture pieces and lighting complete the mood, while Regardt van der Meulen’s sculpture livens up the space in its tri-dimensionality.”

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November 16, 2012 | Property | View comments

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