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Modern design & chic Mexican living at Casa Lomas Atlas


Mexico City-based architectural practice, López Duplan Arquitectos, has designed the Casa Lomas Altas project. The chic and modern property is located west of Mexico City, Mexico.

Originally built in the early 80s, the property was completely refurbished and major changes were to the property, especially the garden.


According to the architect: “The house is divided in to three and a half levels. On the middle floor the number and proportion of windows was increased to take advantage of views across the forest and make use of  natural light. There was also a total change of the window screens to integrate the terraces and open areas to the interior of each space maintaining a bond with all the services.

“All the spaces were unified using a limited selection of materials. In the interior engineer wood floors and light marble were combined, and for the kitchen it was used granite in the same shade. In the exterior all the floors and part of the wall are covered in grey stone.


“In the interior design the ladder – that gives access to the public and private areas of the house – is the central axis. All the walls around it were removed to integrate all the spaces. In the living room the generous existing height was used to play with the plafonds and the indirect lighting, enhancing the deep sensation of the space and highlighting the artwork.

“The private areas are located at the top floor in which large windows were also incorporated to make the most of the views. In the master bedroom the window is framed by a bookcase designed specifically for the needs of the space that enhances the view and makes it cozier. The bathroom is a large space from which you can also enjoy spectacular views; the washbasin was located at the center.

“Significant changes were made to all the facades, from structural changes to the incorporation of new finishes for the renewal to be perceived from the entrance. In the gardens surrounding the house a complete transformation project was also done respecting an existing large tree that sets the tone for the new image.”

Images courtesy of Hector Armando Herrera

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