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Minimalist Appartement Spectral, Paris


Paris-based architectural practice, Betillion/Dorval Bory, have designed the Appartement Spectral project.  Completed in 2013, the contemporary apartment can be found in Paris, France.

According to the architects: “Spectral apartment is a renovation project of a small Parisian studio, in which the lack of natural light led the client to ask us to intervene particularly on the issue of artificial light. To do this, we chose to adopt a radical and binary approach by studying the spectral qualities of two different sources of artificial light.

“Although often overlooked, since hardly noticeable in everyday use, the color rendering index, abbreviated CRI is one of the fundamental criteria for evaluating light. It depends more precisely on the spectral power distribution of light (SPD) and was identified in 1948 by the Scientific JP Bouma, then qualified by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE). The CRI of a light describes its ability to reflect accurate color of a surface. Bouma noticed that daylight was much better to estimate the colors and the work of the CIE established its value to 100 to determine the scale of CRI. Thus, a light with high CRI, close to 100, can render the colors properly (homogeneity in the spectral power distribution), while a low CRI is synonymous with loss of color range, so a disappearance of colors. So in the manner of architect Philippe Rahm, the idea is to explore from an objective and scientific point of view the spectral qualities of these various light sources, and then to create an architecture that considers and even uses their special qualities.

“The contemporary Parisian apartment is designed in a simple and neutral expression, without color or particular detail, annihilating any architectural expressiveness or narrative to leave only the logic of composition generated by light.”

Images courtesy of Betillion/Dorval Bory

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