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Minimalist and white interior design by Humberto Conde


Lisbon-based architectural practice, Humberto Conde, has designed the Parede House project. Completed in 2012, the luxury property with minimalistic design features is located in Parede, Cascais, Portugal.

According to the architect: “The project aims to develop a single house located in the centre of Parede, in a site characterised as a Historical Urban Space.


“The nearby buildings are part of summer houses that proliferated the Portuguese coastline in the 40s through to the 60s. These houses were usually built as second homes or summer residences with a garden that.

“In this particular case, given the lot’s configuration and taking into account the adjacent house (with three floors above the ground and one basement), we believe that the new construction should certainly be marked out through these alignments, namely the build’s height, volumes and the alignments of the main facade.


“The new building should promote a dialogue between the surrounding area by a language of contrast in its image and shape regarding all the spatial articulation principles that mark the adjacent building – as well as by the used construction details, such as window openings, metric of the facades and visual relation with the exterior.

“Safeguarding a small courtyard at the entrance of the house – access area to the parking lot and the house – that assures the alignments, the new building is developed in three floors above ground, freeing at the back (west), a green space which is in direct relation with the social spaces of the contemporary Portugese house.”

Images courtesy of FG + SG

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

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