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Lynne Franks launches spring retreats at Deia hideaway


It is easy to fall in love with Deia, this sleepy village nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Tramuntana mountains on the Balerics Island of Mallorca is surrounded by terraces of lemon, olive and orange trees on steep cliffs.

Described as ‘small and exclusive’ by many tour guides, little has changed in this village for the past 150 years. There’s just one taxi and one small road weaving through the town that boasts various museums, art galleries and literary and musical heritage. It’s no surprise why this part of Mallorca now attracts Hollywood A-listers and British celebrities such as Bob Geldof and Kate Moss.


This romantic village is where PR guru, entrepreneur and women’s empowerment champion, Lynne Franks, is launching a brand-new series of signature retreats for women at her beautiful home in Deia, Mallorca.

Bloom Retreats will offer creative and well-being experiences in a deeply relaxing atmosphere surrounded by the exquisite local, natural beauty of the Mediterranean coastline.

The health retreats take place at Lynne Franks’ beautiful property, part of a 17th-century monastery, which is nestled among ancient Moorish terraces, olive trees, lemon and orange groves with spectacular views over the Mediterranean Sea and the Tramuntana mountain range.


Spring detox & wellness retreat 

Led by Reiki Master Monika Evans together with 5-Elements nutritionist Ursula Peer, this retreat takes a holistic approach, designed to harmonize body, mind and spirit in a deeply relaxing atmosphere and surrounded by great natural beauty.

Your day starts with an (optional) morning meditation followed by a gentle yoga class or mountain walk and a warm breakfast based on 5-Elements Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutrition. During the day sessions are offered to inspire your inner Goddess with exercises and tools you can apply in your busy day-to-day lives for a sense of peace and wellbeing.

And there is also plenty of time for rest, relaxing by the pool, soaking in the hot tub, going for walks to the nearby beach and enjoying the magical island of Mallorca. A Reiki healing session, a personalised 5-Elements Nutrition Consultation tailored for your body type and a spa treatment are included in the package. Extra options such as massage and craniosacral therapy can be arranged upon request.

This retreat takes place from 23 – 28 March, 2014.


Yoga & Ayurvedic cooking retreat

Yoga & Ayurveda are two ancient healing arts with profound wisdom and insight into our human nature, revering life as a sacred system to which every living thing in the universe belongs. Both help us to develop awareness about our bodies and lifestyles guiding us towards balance, strength and wellbeing.

You will start the day with meditation and a gentle yoga practice. The postures have a beneficial impact on the whole body, toning muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves, stimulating circulation and helping to release stress and toxins from the body.

During the morning there are sessions presenting the principles of ayurveda and how to apply them in your daily life learning what your body needs to bring it back into balance.

Cooking is a very grounding practice, connecting us directly with the earth. There will be opportunities for hands on cooking, to learn and enjoy delicious recipes and share our experiences in the kitchen.

This retreat takes place from 6 – 11 May, 2014. For further information or to book, visit

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