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Luxury Residence in Australia by Luigi Rosselli

Luigi Rosselli has designed the Elamang Avenue house in Sydney, Australia, a residence constructed purely with comfortable and relaxed living in mind.

With a beautifully curved upper floor the focal point of the Elamang Avenue Houses exterior boasts a contemporary feel. It mixes a sun-drenched courtyard with a breezy, relaxing veranda, perfect for the Australian weather. The luxury may begin on the colour-infused outside, but the inside continues the deluxe theme. A tremendously sleek finish is applied to the interior, and the furnishings do not look out of place in this modern home. The heavy contrast of brown and white inside the house accentuates a natural, homely feel also.

While the spacious interior leaves everything to the imagination, the unconventional rammed earth walls allow for an efficient, thermal house. The well located operable skylights, the green roof and the external shutters have all contributed towards giving this waterfront residence a lavish touch of class, and an AIA sustainable design award for 2011 simply emphasises this.

This Sydney residence proves that sustainable architecture can be transformed to allow for residential architecture amongst the highest echelons.

Love Interior Design & Exotic Travel? Follow us..

October 4, 2011 | Property | View comments

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