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Luxury Mayfair residence in a Grade II listed building


London-based design studio, Intarya, have designed the Mayfair Residence project. Renovated by London-based developer Northacre, the luxury apartment can be found in Hyde Park, London.

This apartment is within a magnificent Grade II listed building in the heart of Mayfair. Intarya were asked to design a show apartment with an interior of ‘Ambassadorial Splendour’, suitable for its discerning potential buyer.


Its towering ceilings, tall windows and exquisite mouldings were all faithfully restored by Intarya, with mouldings highlighted in distressed platinum rather than the expected gilding to give the apartment depth and layering whilst also updating the inherent character of the architecture. The scheme was classically inspired using traditional furniture shapes but in modern finishes, textures and colours making them more relevant to today’s market, creating a contemporary-classic fusion. Despite the property’s grand proportions, the spaces feel modern, comfortable and welcoming.

According to the designer: “We could design something really fabulous for the master bedroom suite where room proportions were very generous. A sizable walnut four poster bed takes centre stage with silk taffeta drapes, damask silk cushions and cashmere throw to achieve the level of luxury you would expect of a master bedroom.”


What was the biggest challenge during the project?

Working with a listed building: this apartment is within a magnificent Grade II listed building in the heart of Mayfair and renovated by London-based developer Northacre.


What stands out the most for you in the property? 

The impressive ball room.  The vast space was dressed as a formal Drawing Room with a variety of seating areas, where the use of crystal chandeliers, carved French furniture and Italian strung silk curtains exude the elegance and glamour becoming of the space.

Images courtesy of Richard Waite

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November 27, 2013 | Property | View comments

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