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Luxury Mayfair apartment By Casa Forma


London-based architectural practice, Casa Forma, has designed the Mayfair Apartment project. Completed in 2014, the luxury three-bedroom apartment is located in Mayfair, London, England.

Casa Forma’s vision for this Mayfair apartment was to modernise and improve the flow and functionality of the property adapting it for modern living. The client requested a redesign the layout to accommodate three double bedroom en-suites, drawing room, TV room, dining room, kitchen, study/single bedroom, powder room, and a full serviced utility room. This was achieved through an extensive exercise of stripping out and demolition work to ultimately create a luxurious open lateral space. Using an exceptional selection of materials to create a sophisticated environment, this truly magnificent space reflects an understated luxury aesthetic.


The luxury property is on the third floor of a Georgian pottered building called ‘The Manor’. The layout reflected an old fashion way of living with the dining room placed in the middle of the property splitting the floor area without distinguishing distinct social, semi private and intimate areas. Some of the bedrooms were located in the front of the apartment while others were located in the rear of the property. Since the layout split up all the bedrooms from one another, the free flow of light throughout the space was inhibited, ultimately resulting in an apartment consisting of small dark closed rooms. The kitchen was allocated to the back of the property next to bedrooms and was far from the dining room which practically didn’t make sense for a practical layout.

“In the first visit to the property we saw the potential of creating an open plan and did this by accommodating the entertaining space in the front section of the apartment thereby allowing the light to flow freely to the centre core of the property,“ says the designer.

Also opening up layout improved the view from the flat enhancing the quality of views from the property. Casa Forma’s team undertook the project as a challenging and exciting opportunity.

“We faced a number of structural challenges but after keeping only 2 of the existing walls we managed to provide a new more open layout satisfying all the requirements presented by the clients,” adds the designer.

The new layout offered distinct zones: a social/entertainment area, a semi private area, an intimate area, and a service area.

Images courtesy of Casa Forma

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